There is a steel frame that transforms an Apple Watch into a luxury watch. For a price, of course.

There are many accessories that we can buy for our Apple Watch. In addition to straps, we can opt for covers, some of them as curious as the one that motivates this article: a cover that turns any Apple Watch model into a luxury watch.

A new style for the Apple Watch

Luxury in the watch industry is associated with a certain design, in addition to materials. Yes, a titanium Apple Watch is a piece of luxury, without a doubt, but perhaps not everyone sees it the same. This is how they must have thought of Forged Monarchy, since they have created a cover/strap to convert any Apple Watch as close to a Swiss watch.

The “accessory”, however, it costs nothing less than 662 euros, as we can see in the screenshot below, although right now it has a discount that leaves it at 240 euros. It is described as a way to give technology a new look.

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Our Apple Watch Armor Oak Upgrade Kit is transforming the world’s best technology into something far beyond the scope of the imagination we could have hoped for.”

Apple Watch Series 7, analysis: space and experience

It must be said that, beyond style issues, in which we can more or less agree, this is a cover (like other alternatives on Amazon) that clearly gives extra protection to our Apple Watch. One of the many accessories that want to turn our wrist watches into something more traditional.

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