They call him the Mexican Messi, he says yes to Tri, he would play with Mexico in the 2026 World Cup

Mexican Messi wants to be called to Tri
Mexican Messi wants to be called to Tri

The Mexican National Team is experiencing one of the worst crises in its recent history, since for more than 40 years El Tri did not stay, they were eliminated in the group stage, as happened in Qatar, since in Argentina 1978 they were kicked out of the World Cup in the first round.

One of the biggest evils that the Mexican team has at the moment without a doubt is the lack of talent in the team, because despite the fact that Tata was one of the worst coaches that Mexico has had in the World Cups, there were not many different players in the squad.

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The race for the 2026 World Cup that will be played in Mexican territory has already begun and not only the technical directors have begun to apply to reach the Tri but also the players, such is the case of mexican messi who already raised his hand to be a banner in the Tri.

Mexican Messi says yes to Tri.

He was nicknamed the Mexican Messi at the beginning of his career, now that he has resumed his level in Pachuca, Eduardo Chofis Lopez He raises his hand to be summoned to the Tri, as he mentions that he wants to become a benchmark in his club and receive a call to the Mexican team.

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