They stopped her at the Miami airport for a bottle she was carrying in the carry on and she found the worst: “I didn’t know!”

Traveling with certain substances is illegal in many countries and, in some cases, it is not enough just to remove the material from the baggage, but in some cases it is punishable by law. Fortunately, for a young Costa Rican woman, her experience did not land her in jail, when she put sand in her suitcase that the airport authorities confused with narcotics and they carried out a delicate process to identify him. “They thought it was cocaine!”expressed Sofía Aragón, who shared her experience on TikTok.

According to his story, vacationed on the beaches of Miami and, as a souvenir of the trip for her best friend, she decided to take some sand with her, so after putting it in a bottle, she packed it in her suitcase.

Once at the airport, he began checking his luggage in the usual way. After presenting himself at the counter, he continued with the check of his hand luggage, which went through the x-ray scanner. “I was about to commit a crime and I didn’t know it!”Said Sofia between laughs.

The young woman recounted on social networks how her experience at the airport was for carrying sand inside the suitcase (Credit: TikTok/@sofiaragonc)
The young woman recounted on social networks how her experience at the airport was for carrying sand inside the suitcase (Credit: TikTok/@sofiaragonc)

Everything went smoothly until one of the airport security screeners noticed that in the x-ray machine a package that the young woman carried in her suitcase stood out. They took Sofia’s luggage and asked her if it belonged to her.

Once he confirmed it and before proceeding to open it, they asked him what the suspicious package contained in the carry on. “I was very scared because I thought they were going to deport me.”, he was heard saying in the video.

Sofia emphasized that it was the first time she had traveled alone, so felt very insecure about proceduresand that the alarm on the x-ray scanner had left her extremely worried.

After separating her from the rest of the passengers, the officer asked her to open it. Once she did began the tortuous process of review by the authorities while she was silentwith the expectation that it was all a mix-up and they would quickly release her so she could continue her journey.

She was arrested at the Miami airport because she was carrying a suspicious substance

Sofia’s fear came true when the man found the bottle among her belongings. According to him, he had a severe posture with her while he looked at her. “What? I’m a tourist. Leave me”recounted the young woman who told the official.

But the most disturbing part of his entire experience was not the discovery of the bottle of sand inside his luggage, but the tests that the officers carried out to determine the nature of the material. In this way, the young woman explained that the official separated the bottle from the rest of the luggage and prepared to pour a liquid on it. “The man put a few drops on it and it must have turned blue or purple, I don’t know what color it must have been in case it was cocaine”he expressed.

“Obviously, it didn’t turn that color.”, he said, and then added that he was surprised that they had applied a test to determine if he had drugs. “They thought she was carrying an illicit substance!”

Finally, he recalled that the policeman closed the bottle and returned it to Sofía’s luggage, who expressed indignant tone in the video that she could not believe that they thought it was drug trafficking.

By way of information, the young woman recommended to the other tiktokers that if they came to travel to a destination with a beach in the United States and they wanted to take sand as a souvenir, first they would check if it was not illegal to do so in that state. He added that he did not violate any regulations in Florida, but advised checking it out before leaving the country.

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