they will be the first film shot in space


Russian director Klim Shipenko has announced that his next film will be shot in space, anticipating Tom Cruise’s dream

Can’t help but surrender to the Russians, Tom Cruise, in what we could define a cinematic race to space. The Hollywood star recently appeared intent on taking his incredible feats beyond the earth’s atmosphere, targeting space as the location for one of his upcoming films.

However, it seems that the Russians will beat Tom Cruise on time. Director Klim Shipenko he is in fact preparing for his new project, entitled The Challenge, and from what has been announced, the shooting of the feature film will take place in space, for a duration of twelve days. The date for the start of production is not even far away, set for 5 October. Shipenko’s team, in the last year, has been preparing for the undertaking in Moscow, at the training center for cosmonauts named after Yuri Gagarin, receiving the green light for the shooting on 16 September.


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Speaking of the primacy, Konstantin Ernst, CEO of the Russian broadcaster Channel One, which will broadcast live the arrival of the crew in orbit, explained how they would “prefer to arrive at the International Space Station at the same time as Tom Cruise”, saying he was sure they would have “much more fun. to shoot the film together “. The executive also relaunched, hoping for a future US-Russia collaboration that could lead to a new film set in space, comparing the potential project to the joint space mission of 1972.

Tom Cruise, in any case, can hardly be said to be dissatisfied, if his project really sees the light. While coming after the Russians, the actor can boast a production supported by SpaceX And NASA, and although no study is currently officially linked to the firm, which would require a minimum budget of $ 200 million, it appears that the Universal is very interested. In the meantime, the Hollywood star will see two highly anticipated titles arrive on the screens that see him as the protagonist or Mission: Impossible 7 And Top Gun: Maverick.


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