This Action Movie May Take Your Breath Away, But It Ruined A ‘Twilight’ Actor’s Promising Career – Movie News

There was a time when Taylor Lautner could be the next big action star. But then came No Exit (Abduction).

When Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, hit theaters in 2011, everything seemed to indicate that the three main stars of the fantasy saga had a great career ahead of them. It is true that two of them have become one of the most solid bets in the industry right now, but another one was left a bit in no man’s land.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are two renowned talents in the industry. The first has chained projects very well valued by critics, such as The lighthousewith other more commercial ones that have equally excited critics, such as batman. At the same time, Kristen Stewart’s career is the example of how to grow up with principles and, although she also has her ‘blockbusters’, she is a jewel of independent cinema and there is the recent crimes of the future as the best example.

But, what about Taylor Lautner? The third in discord gave life to the werewolf who starred in the dreams of more than one follower. In recent years we have been able to see him in some of Adam Sandler’s comedies, such as Big boys 2or the series cuckoo, which has a good reputation. Unfortunately, he is not up to the level of his peers and we can point to one movie in particular as the breaking point.

No Exit (Abduction) It was going to pave the way for his career as an action star, but it wasn’t the case. The movie was trashed by critics and didn’t get much support from fans either.. Nobody wanted to hide that it is a failed project and that it played a trick on its protagonist. If there were doubts about his future in the cinema, this feature film made it clear that perhaps he was not ready to be a hero.

In No Exit, Taylor Lautner plays Nathan, a normal teenager who spends his days partying and is in love with his neighbor Karen (Lily Collins). One day, Karen shows him that she has found a picture of him as a baby on a missing persons page. From that moment on, Nathan will question his entire existence. Before finding out if he was kidnapped as a child, two men dressed in black appear and eliminate his parents and blow up the house..

Sounds exciting, right? But little of this makes sense. The film directed by John Singleton is marked by action. the artificer of the neighborhood boys Y full throttle 2 he knows the rules of the action and here he handles them naturally. Let’s say that the problem is not in the adrenaline sequences, but in the script. If you try to find some credibility in the central plot, you are wasting your time.

And how did the box office treat you? The film grossed about 82 million dollars worldwide against a budget of 35 million, which, honestly, is quite far from what this type of feature film usually reaps. In short, a failed project that took its toll on its young protagonist. Later we have seen him in few worthwhile productions.

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