This is what Angela Aguilar and Pepe Aguilar’s LUXURIOUS new mansion in Texas looks like inside | PHOTOS

It was thanks to the native talent of the ranchero singer Pepe Aguilar that made his career expand and become one of the most important icons in Mexico and, it seems that said ingenuity is an inheritance because his daughter Angela Aguilar has gained a lot of popularity for his great voice in recent times, that is why they have gathered a large fortune to use it in a luxurious Mansion in Texaswhich was filtered some Photos this.

The Aguilar dynasty has undoubtedly created great talents that have gone down in the cultural history of Mexico, starting with the marriage between Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar, who were great stars of the 50’s and whose names are still present in the world. of the show, they procreated the also producer Pepe Aguilar who has also marked a before and after of ranchera music in the Aztec territory, that is why thanks to the fruit of his work he has accumulated a great fortune.

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