Tim, Colao: “Strategic autonomy goes beyond takeover bid”. The CDP Plan and the cloud game


“There is no comment on market situations” but “obviously we are very interested in preserving the security of the country and the good development of infrastructures”: this is the declaration of Minister for Digital Transition Vittorio Colao – on the sidelines of the EU Competitiveness Council meeting in Brussels – on the Kkr dossier, ie on the takeover bid launched by the American fund on Tim. The minister recalling that “the Government follows the story“However points out that the question of strategic autonomy “goes well beyond specific events”. “Strategic autonomy is a very important European ambition that extends to all sectors, especially the most advanced technology, let’s think about the problem that exists on chips, but also about all the opportunities that will arise, such as‘artificial intelligence (the National Strategy has just been presented, ed) ei cloud services“.

Colao also spoke on the issue of vertical integration in the context of the single network dossier: “This government has always said that we want to maintain competition and investment in new technologies and guarantee all Italians, wherever they are, excellent connections, in fiber and in 5G. The European Commission has always reiterated that vertically integrated operators (such as Tim, ed) are not seen as pro-competitive: obviously we will take them into account “.

Spotlight on the cloud at Telco for Italy

Speaking of the cloud, it is on this important technology that CorCom turns the spotlight on the occasion of the year-end appointment of Telco for Italy scheduled for December 14th (FOR THE AGENDA AND REGISTRATION CLICK HERE). Just di cloud spoke today Dario Scannapieco, CEO of Cdp, during the press conference to present the new Strategic plan 2022-2024. “Cassa Depositi e Prestiti worked well with Tim, Leonardo and Sogei to present an offer for a national cloud hub, playing more of a role as a financial investor: other offers were also presented, now the ball goes to the government that will decide the offer on the basis of which to activate a tender. We believe we have made a good offer, otherwise we would not have started this adventure ”.

December 14, 2021 – 11:00

Telco for Italy: how to accelerate the transformation. The opportunities of PNRR and the Cloud

Urso, Copasir: “Golden Power is not enough”

Copasir president Adolfo Urso spoke on the issue of Golden Power. In an interview with Urso said that “iGolden Power is a useful defense tool, sometimes effective but not always sufficient. I believe that a strategic industrial policy is above all necessary in this case which by its nature unfolds over time with full awareness and convergence on objectives and methods of intervention “. On the possible intervention of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Urso points out that “the role of the State is necessary on the technological frontier, even more so as regards national security and in this sector the two things coincide: technological frontier and national security”.

The Tim stock fluctuates on the stock market

Meanwhile, in Piazza Affari, the Tim stock is fluctuating in view of the board of directors of tomorrow in which the reorganization plan, the accounts and also the future of management will be discussed whereas 11 councilors have written down their dissatisfaction with the results achieved. The shares at the opening of the Stock Exchange reached € 0.509, above the € 0.505 put on the plate by Kkr. But then at the end of the morning the stock fell by 3.3% to € 0.48 and in the early afternoon it returned to 0.47 equal to a loss of 4.5% and then fell to -5.3% and closed the day down by 2.65% to 0.48 euros.

In view of the board of directors Asati – the association representing Tim’s small shareholders – today sent a letter to the Board in which it is exhorted to “define a new plan as soon as possible, which will make it possible to improve the economic-financial results and bring out the value of some“ components ”of the company. With this in mind, all alternatives should be evaluated and, among them, Kkr’s offer. In this regard, we invite the Board of Directors to be united in this decision of the new possible offer of Kkr in the interest of all shareholders, employees and high technologies present in Tim and the country “.

Salvini bypasses Giorgetti and meets the trade unions

Lega leader Matteo Salvini will meet the telecommunications unions in Rome to take stock of Tim. Appointment Tuesday 30 November: representatives of CGIL, CISL, UIL and UGL will be present. The Carroccio makes it known. In recent days Salvini has already expressed himself saying “no to the sale and the stew” and supporting “the defense of the public network”. Salvini therefore “bypasses” Minister Giorgetti to whom the unions have been asking for a meeting for months. “Unions are legitimately concerned, after that we will see the proposal that comes forward and we will see the decisions that Tim’s board will adopt on Friday, ”said Giorgetti in recent days.

The 2022-2024 strategic plan of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

Climate change, inclusive growth, support for production chains, innovation and digitalization: these are the four priority areas of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti’s 2022-2024 strategic plan approved today by the company’s Board of Directors chaired by Giovanni Gorno Tempini. “These challenges correspond to ten fields of intervention for Cassa, which will base its commitment on compliance with the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, also intercepting many of the missions of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan”, reads note issued following approval.

The operations of Cdp will be transformed and will develop on three major pillars: sectoral analysis, advisory and technical assistance, function of Promotional Development Institute. Cdp will commit resources for 65 billion euros (+ 5% on the previous period), attracting 63 billion from third parties (+ 27%) and activating overall investments for 128 billion (+ 14%).

“Today Cassa Depositi e Prestiti is called upon to do its part in a context of relaunch which represents an unprecedented opportunity for Italy. The Strategic Plan for the three-year period 2022-2024 looks to the future with a great sense of responsibility and awareness of our abilities and our objectives: to be increasingly a driving force for the sustainable development of the country and to achieve a significant impact on an economic, social and environmental “, he declares the President Giovanni Gorno Tempini.

The CEO Dario Scannapieco underlines that “sustainability, additionality and subsidiarity with respect to the market, strategies, policies and impact are the key principles of the Strategic Plan. The starting point is the observation of the urgent challenges that Italy faces. Cassa will respond with a complementary approach to the market, directing resources towards Italy’s priorities and aiming to achieve positive effects for businesses, public administrations and families “.


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