Today’s horoscope, October 24, 2022, of all zodiac signs

In the horoscope todayMonday October 24, Venus start your journey by sign scorpio so that you can enjoy life in a different way, since with this movement you will modify your priorities to enjoy life.


Starting today, the planet Venus, changing signs, will increase the need to satisfy your own desires; especially the sexual ones. For almost a month, you will live a good time to participate in a very satisfying sexual relationship as long as they let each other flow and are not inhibited.

Otherwise, it could happen that you feel frustrated by not being able to express all your capacity to love. The relationships you start now or in the next four weeks will have a strong sexual base. Therefore, I also recommend you to be careful and not to compromise your feelings right away.

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Today the planet Venus will begin its journey through your opposite sign. You will feel this influence by being calmer and determined to let yourself be carried away by the emotions that may arise in your personal relationships.

In addition, you will realize that your ability to perceive the sensations of those with whom you are in daily contact expands remarkably.

For this reason, you will get out of the stubbornness that characterizes your sign and you will have the ability to give in more easily. However, I recommend you to be careful in business or work agreements, since you would let yourself be convinced by the interests of the other.

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Due to the influence of the change of sign that the planet Venus will make today, you will try to avoid serious problems and, if arguments arise, you will not bother to repair them. Also, you will do your best to avoid difficult situations and you may not bother to explain your points of view to calm the other.

This kind of disinterest on your part could be misunderstood by others and cause a chill. What I recommend the most here is to act with more diplomacy than usual and control any attitude of indifference if you have plans to see your friends.

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With the movement of Venus to another sign, from today different feelings of love and affection will be activated even more, since this will occur in a sign of your same element and will favor you. As this astrological influence will continue for the next four weeks, you will be able to express your feelings more effusively.

You will also enjoy your sentimental, friendship and even family relationships more. However, I recommend you avoid doing what you don’t feel like; that is, if you try to conquer others with your charms and you really don’t feel like doing it, this attitude will be detected and rejected.

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The movement that Venus will make today will not favor you, since it will move to a water sign, an element very different from yours, and you could go through emotional crises.

Due to the aforementioned, you will be more anxious if you expect people to follow the rhythm that you want and they do not. In addition, it would cause you exaggerated discomfort in the event of a moment of tension, reacting in an extreme way.

On the one hand, it could be aggressive and suffering from tensions and confrontations. On the other, opting for total indifference, so use the properties of garlic that help you get rid of bad energies.

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Rewarding moments arrive thanks to Venus, since it will make you feel very good about yourself and with the order you are having in your life, an important issue for Virgo. This will give you the ability to express your ideas easily and if someone does something that bothers you, you will be able to clearly explain why you disagree, thus leading to good negotiations.

With this astrological influence in your horoscope, those around you will understand your thoughts and goals, and you will have their support for your projects. The negotiations you carry out from now on will be in your favor due to your good interaction with your environment.

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With the change of sign of the planet Venus, which will last for the next four weeks, your reluctance to face difficult situations could increase. It will also increase the laziness that characterizes Libra so much and you will want to dedicate yourself to resting and having fun. However, you should try to stay active at work.

This is because with the aforementioned movement you will be lucky in business meetings and in money matters, and you will be able to increase your ability to attract prosperous circumstances. On the other hand, your charisma will increase and it will be impossible for you to receive a negative response from someone.

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After twelve months, the planet Venus will return to your sign and stay here for the next four weeks. With this astrological influence, the intensity in your relationships will increase, as well as the encounters with people who impact you, leaving you spellbound or in love; especially, because you will feel totally attracted in body and soul.

On the other hand, sexuality for you will begin to have magical qualities, nothing will be superficial and you will seek to connect with the deepest and most intimate emotional part of the other person. However, I recommend you to be careful and not get carried away by jealousy.

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You tend to be emotionally cold because you prefer to take refuge in your intellectuality. However, with the change that Venus will make today, you will begin to feel the need to free yourself from certain inhibitions. By doing so, you will see that the freedom to show what you feel will do you a lot of good.

In addition, by feeling free, an experience much desired by you, it will increase your good humor and your kindness towards those around you. As you will see, it will be a time to learn to let yourself flow according to what your heart feels. On the other hand, in economic matters, you may receive business proposals.

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Venus, the planet related to love and well-being, will begin its journey through Scorpio today and with this movement it will get closer and closer to your sign.

The purpose of the star in question in this trajectory will be that you improve your treatment with others; especially, on the sentimental level and reconsidering the meaning of your conjugal ties.

The aforementioned influence will give you a better perspective on how you should act in your relationships. In this way, you will become aware that if you come out of your rigidity and coldness, you will allow yourself to give and receive affection in the best way that you deserve.

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The change of sign that Venus will carry out today could make you feel colder and more distant than usual when dealing with others, since it will be difficult for you to put yourself in the other’s place and not judge them. With this astrological influence, you could be more expressionless and if someone tries to impose themselves on you, your reaction would be to move away even more.

For this reason, relationships would go through a kind of cooling. The importance of this is that you understand that, if you do not do your best so that the aforementioned does not happen, it could be too late when you need to approach your friends or partner.

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Today you will feel the good energy of the planet Venus passing through Scorpio, a movement that will last the next four weeks and that will make you enjoy an excellent time to look around you and better perceive how beautiful it is that happens to you. You will also be more sensitive to the feelings and needs of all those you love.

On the other hand, it will be easy for you to put yourself in their place before criticizing them and you will be able to understand their emotional worlds. In addition to the above, with the influence received, you will have a lot of peace in your heart if you use the best stone for mental and spiritual balance.

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