Toothache with lemon juice? serious, that’s what’s happening to you

We have been hearing for several years now that more and more people have gotten into the habit of drinking each morning water and lemon. Some drink it lukewarm, others cold, still others drink lemon juice mixed with magnesium or ginger.
What are the reasons for this custom?

The origin lies in the ever-increasing number of articles that magnify the benefits of lemon for our body.
It almost seems that the lemon water solution has become the most effective remedy for any disease, it seems in fact that it is able to purify, lose weight, dissolve localized adipose deposits and other things.

All is well but we must not make the mistake to forget that lemon juice contains citric acid so it is extremely acidic.
Dr. Silvia Babboni, dentist talks to us about the intake of water and lemon, recommends that we point out that:
-continuous and prolonged use can irreversibly erode tooth enamel which, once this has happened, no longer reforms.

-If you really can’t do without the lemon just be careful to drink it using a straw, in order to minimize the direct contact of the lemon juice with the tooth enamel.
But what we want to know is whether lemon can help us in case of toothache.
Lemon juice it certainly has known astringent properties, but it is also a natural antiseptic; gargling with a mixture of lemon juice and salt, which increases its disinfectant power, can quickly give relief.

Small tips: the teeth should not be brushed immediately after drinking lemon because the combination with toothpaste, especially if you use a paste that contains whiteners, can be very damaging to tooth enamel.
It is therefore best to wait at least twenty minutes before brushing your teeth, making sure to rinse your mouth with water first.

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