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History of the industry, interviews with great creatives and many trivia about games among our recommendations.

8 Video Game YouTube Channels We Love: Trivia, Retro, Canceled Games & More

On the occasion of the last celebration of Book Day, we recommended some reading about video games that you might like, with a lot of history about some of our favorite platforms, genres and characters, and we love to advise you about series and movies that reach theaters and streaming platforms every month, but today it’s the turn of YouTube channels.

The truth is that there are thousands of channels that are dedicated to talking about the video game industry on the platform, this has been one of the recurring contents that we have always found, however, there are some that we love, that we usually consume and that We cannot stop recommending you: 8 channels with excellent content that you cannot miss if you like video games.


DidYouKnowGaming? It started as a blog about video game curiosities and secrets, and it also has a complete website, but DidYouKnowGaming? has managed to carve out a niche for itself on YouTube as one of the most interesting gaming channels on the platform. Production anecdotes, data on the development of some titles, unknown software and hardware, and many interesting series on iconic sagas.


Archipel Archipel is not only an interesting channel in terms of content, it is also one of the most aesthetic that we have seen. In it you will find videos dedicated to some of the most influential creative minds in Japan, such as Naoki Yoshida, Shinji Mikami, Koji Igarashi or Yoko Taro, with elaborate documentaries on video games both old and new. It has subtitles in Spanish.


Cutscenes Cutscenes comes to complement Archipel with a very similar style. Although there are just over 10 videos that you can currently find on the channel, they are all of excellent quality, with a complete series of videos about Hideki Kamiya, the popular creator behind Devil May Cry and Bayonetta. Also don’t miss the documentary about the origin of Koei and that of Nioh 2. English subtitles.

Noclip - Video Game Documentaries

Noclip – Video Game Documentaries Another interesting channel of documentaries about video games, curiosities and interviews. Creatives as influential as Suda51, Tim Schafer, Tim Willits, Todd Howard and John Romero have spoken in front of their cameras. Noclip has spent more than five years reviewing the history of some of the most important video games in history and also current great successes. English subtitles.

Unseen64: an Archive for Beta & Canceled Games

Unseen64: an Archive for Beta & Canceled Games Unseen64 approaches the history of video games from another point of view, that of those games or versions that never saw the light of day. From a canceled game of the Akira movie for 16 Bits that they could play at CES in 1994 to the version of Killzone that was supposed to reach the original PlayStation, passing through a prototype of Panzer Dragoon Zwei or the beta of Secret of Evermore presented in the E3 of 1995.


JARM We have had the pleasure of being able to speak with JARM first hand about video games and collecting, so we know that he is a living encyclopedia. His channel deals with the history of video games with interesting tops and curiosities about great sagas and unknown titles. You can also have a great time with its sections on collecting where you will find extremely rare items at exorbitant prices.

Legends & Videogames

Legends & Videogames A great Spanish channel about the history and curiosities of video games. Eric touches on all generations with very varied content: reviews of mythical consoles, details on old and modern games, design problems in famous titles, top stories or stories about great figures in the industry, are some of the examples of the videos that you can find in a channel that has been active for more than 8 years.

Nate Gentle

Nate Gentle Although Nate Gentile’s channel is not entirely dedicated to video games, you can find interesting videos dedicated to both console and PC hardware. Especially if you are a computer gamer, you will find analyzes of components, such as graphics cards or processors, laptops, peripherals, assembly of mechanical keyboards, as well as great videos on the history of computing.

Of course, don’t forget to visit the 3DJuegos YouTube channel, where you will find our fun weekly videosanalysis of the latest titles that we find on the market, specials on great news, previews of everything that is to come and above all, a lot of good humor.

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