update on visa processing in Guyana

The Embassy of the United States in Havana has published a series of messages where it updates on the processing of visas in Guyana.

From Twitter, they assure that they have “heard the calls to reduce waiting times in the processing of immigrant visas in our regional processing center in Guyana.”

They also maintain that in recent months, the Embassy in Guyana “has significantly increased the processing of immigrant visas and has expanded the capacity of our panel doctors by designating two new medical clinics to meet the increased demand for medical examinations.” .

In this sense, inform that “the Embassy now has four medical panelists with medical training, licenses and experience in Guyana to provide the immigration medical examinations required as part of the visa process”.

In addition, the Consular Section of the US Embassy in Georgetown has asked visa applicants requiring a medical examination to contact the clinic directly and not to use third parties.

How to contact doctors for tests? According to the indications, it should be done through this page.

From the diplomatic headquarters they maintain that “to help immigrant visa applicants, approved medical clinics employ staff who speak Spanish and help applicants with translation needs.”

Therefore, they do not allow external translators to accompany applicants during the medical examination for privacy reasons.


The US Embassy in Georgetown continues to be the primary immigrant visa processing center for applicants from Cuba.

The diplomatic headquarters in Havana affirms that “safe and legal migration from Cuba is the only way forward.”

However, they have only opened up the immediate family categories, which include spouses and minor children of US citizens.

Last week they reported that Cuban Family Reunification Program cases will resume this summer and work will be done with the State Department to begin interviews in Cuba in early fall.

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