Warm trips for the Christmas holidays

A different holiday, an alternative to the usual white week or a few trips in the cold during the holidays. For those who want to escape from the winter of our latitudes, a warm destination is ideal for relaxing and having fun, showing off panama and swimsuit. An unusual, colorful Christmas, the vivid ones of the Atlantic Ocean in the Canaries, the colorful coral reefs of the Red Sea, or the golden sand that sparkles hot under the tropical sun in Mauritius or the Maldives, or in some Caribbean Eden like Santo Domingo, where hibiscus necklaces are worn around the neck and not heavy scarves. This year, instead of under the mistletoe, you can exchange kisses and hugs under the palm groves full of coconut trees and if you don’t know where to orient your compass, let yourself be tempted by some proposals: under the tree there are many different travel packages, wonderful places to experience a truly unique Christmas. Why not? Even New Year’s Eve, to welcome the new year in costume and with the lightness of a smile, an alternative to celebrate, away from stress and frenzy, with family, friends, or alone. Meeting and sharing on vacation are guaranteed gifts.

The heat just a few hours away

For a tropical vacation in the heart of winter just take a plane and, in a few hours, land in a sunny place, where the temperatures are summer during the day and the night cools with a pleasant breeze. This is the atmosphere of a Christmas in Egypt, to Sharm El Sheikh. This town is considered the pearl of the Red Sea and overlooks one of the most beautiful stretches of coast of the Sinai Peninsula. Long beaches of golden sand one step away from one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world, a paradise for scuba divers and snorkelers and an ideal destination for those who want to have fun: Sharm it is animated by an electrifying seaside life throughout the year, especially during the Christmas holidays.

The alternative to Sinai gold is the fascinating brown land of Canary Islands, just beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Much in demand for the Christmas holidays is Tenerife, a paradise of the Atlantic Ocean with lunar features a step away from the coasts of Africa. Long golden coasts, ocher-colored cliffs and obsidian-black beaches washed by a wavy sea, attraction for surfers from all over the world, but not only: the island is well known to hikers for its fabulous trekking routes, especially those that unwind in the Parque Nacional del Teide, the area surrounding the highest volcano in Spain, heritage UNESCO of Humanity. A dip in the sparkling waters of the Atlantic or in the primeval nature for an unforgettable Christmas.

Indian Ocean, above and below the equator

The white sand atolls emerging from the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean are the archetype of a beach holiday, the dream of many. Constellations emerged of islands and islets, north or south of the Equator, kissed by the sun with tropical temperatures all year round. The equatorial climate of the Maldives offers many sunny days and this makes them a very popular destination above the equator, ideal for enjoying the charm of one of the numerous islands of the archipelago: 1087 islands of 26 atolls, 220 inhabited. Sandy beaches such as talcum powder and turquoise sea that contains all the colors of the rainbow: in the part of northern atolls it is possible to go scuba diving to discover the fabulous coral reef, especially in theRaa atoll and inAri atoll, easily reachable with a domestic flight from the capital Bad.

The Indian Ocean is a geography of enchanting islands, corners distant from the continents, but intimately connected to nature, ideal for relaxing and recharging. A trip to the island of Mauritius for example, in the Mascarene archipelago not far from Madagascar, under the equator, it is an opportunity to rediscover yourself and your own rhythms in total tranquility. Not only beaches and postcard sea, the island is covered by green forests and by colored earths, those of Chamarel, an extraordinary geological conformation of volcanic nature of seven colors, from yellow to red, to blue to purple, depending on the incidence of sunlight. Mauritius is nature, but it is also its people, a mix of cultures with the common denominator of rhythm in the blood: only in this island of smiles can you dance saw, the captivating local dance to the rhythm of goat skin drums.

Christmas in the Caribbean

Another corner of the world, another Christmas, but always in costume and flip-flops. Route to Central America, where relaxation and cheerfulness are a modus vivendi, like a Santo Domingo, one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. There Dominican Republic (also called by the name of its capital), it shares with Haiti the great island of Hispaniola, one of the largest in the Greater Antilles. The country boasts one of the Longest coasts of the Caribbean: 48 kilometers of white sand fringed with tall coconut palms. Sun, sea and an adventure hinterland between the rainforest and cenotes, freshwater springs where you can take a regenerating dip. A luxuriant nature, the spectacular is an example Cotubanam√° National Park, one of the most important naturalistic attractions in the country, and the domesticated one: Santo Domingo is known for the golf courses, where you can unwind with a pinch of calm competition. On the island everyone can find their own dimension, from the calm of the pricked English meadows, to the adrenaline of water sports among the crystalline waves of the Caribbean Sea, to then gather all together under the tree on Christmas day: a tall coconut, slender and full of nuts, the tropical decorations of your holidays.

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