”We take Benzema for an idiot and kick him out; Lloris, Griezmann and Giroud were not upset that he left”


Karim Benzema He withdrew from the French team without having played in the World Cup in Qatar. The forward had to leave the concentration before the competition due to some physical discomfort and in his country they assure that he was not invited by the Federation to witness the final against Argentina.

The reason why Benzema did not travel to Qatar for the Argentina-France final

It has been a controversial case of Benzema with the technician Didier Deschamps. The French media point out that the relationship between the two is broken and the RMC journalist, daniel riologave more details of the situation that the footballer went through.

“They asked him to force training when he didn’t want to. He got injured again. For me it was a relapse. But he could have been on the bench for the round of 16, and in the quarterfinals he would have been fully operational, ”said the French communicator.

Benzema was one of the great absentees in the World Cup in Qatar with France.

He added that some decisions made by the Federation created a disunity in the locker room: “Here is a truth that must be said. Benzema deserved more respect. We took him for an idiot and kicked him out. Some players like Lloris, Griezmann or Giroud did not dislike that he left, “he said.

By last, Riolo admitted that Deschamps He made a decision that went against his own idea, since he did not want the striker for the World Cup.

“Deschamps did not want Benzema and his return to the national team. He doesn’t know how to manage the personalities and the different egos that he may have in a locker room. He is strong in building a group, which is not the same. Benzema represented a problem for him ”, he closed.

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