We will see Can Yaman on TV soon (and thanks to Maria de Filippi)

The new edition of You’ve Got Mail is taking shape and with this also the long list of guests that from 8 January 2022 will take part in the Canale 5 people show conducted by Maria de Filippi who, again next year, will gather some of the most beloved characters in the world of entertainment among which stands out Can Yaman, now become a regular on the program after the participations in 2020 and 2021. Among the possible guests of the next edition of You’ve Got Mail among other things, in addition to the actor of Daydreamer, it seems that Paolo Bonolis, the footballer Leonardo Bonucci and, above all Meghan Markle (but without Prince Harry in tow) could also land at Queen Mary’s court. A name that of the Duchess of Sussex which, if confirmed, would enrich the long list of Hollywood stars who took part in the Channel 5 show where, over the years, characters such as Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey, Jude have appeared. Law, Julia Roberts, Richard Gere, Chris Hemsworth and many others.

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After a long period of being away from the limelight due to numerous work commitments, Can prepares to return to TV waiting for the broadcast of Purple like the sea, the series with Francesca Chillemi the filming of which kept Yaman away from the small screen but, unfortunately, not from the world of gossip. After the end of the relationship with Diletta Leotta, which blossomed at the beginning of 2021 and ended in the course of the summer, after the two engaged couples had announced on several occasions that they were ready for the wedding, today in the eye of the storm they ended up just Can Yaman and Chillemi who, many, would like to grapple with a flirt, especially after the couple was paparazzi while leaving (incognito) from the same building at the end of a weekend together in Rome.

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A rumor that needs to be “handled with care”, especially since the former Miss Italy has been linked since 2014 to Stefano Rosso who, in 2016, made her mother of Rania. That between the two colleagues of the set of Purple like the sea is there really something tender? This is highly unlikely, also because in the past few hours Francesca Chillemi has published on her Instagram account a photo of her family accompanied by a drawing of a heart which, once again, confirms how the relationship between the 36-year-old and Stefano Rosso continues. at full speed, in spite of the slanders and wickedness that have been put into circulation in the last period.

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