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The actress was caught behaving erratically and visibly impaired.


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Cara Delevingne is back in the news and, again, not thanks to his work as a model. The runway star is back in the headline due to his erratic behavior. It was in the middle of this year that the actress also caught her attention after accompanying rapper Megan Thee Stallion and, apparently, having bothered her with her attitude.

Now, paparazzi have revealed a strong video in which Cara is seen barefoot, outside the Los Angeles airport looking almost unrecognizable, deteriorated and acting extremely anxious while supposedly talking on the phone. the star of Paper cities; Hours later, she was also seen smoking from a pipe into which she would have drained a few drops of liquid.

Sources close to the model revealed to TMZ that Delevingne has been dealing with delicate mental health and addiction problems for a long time, however, everything indicates that everything has gotten worse for the former star model of Karl Lagerfeld. Friends close to Cara assure that she urgently needs to enter rehabilitation, including the actress Margot Robbie.

Both actresses shared a set during the filming of The Suicide Squad, so they have maintained a strong friendship since then, however, in recent days Margot was seen leaving Cara’s home with a broken face and visibly affected, so users on the Internet they assure that the actress could be shocked by the serious problems that her friend is going through with substance use.

Currently, Cara Delevingne stars in one of the most important campaigns of the firm of the late designer Karl Lagerfeld, after her collaboration Karl Loves Cara. Through social networks, the model has not spoken to give a statement about what happened in the images, however, the comments section in her publications sends all kinds of affection and good wishes for a speedy recovery in health. model’s mind.

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