why did their youtube channels get hacked?

Several celebrity YouTube channels have been targeted…

For several days, many music stars have had their YouTube accounts hacked. The objective of the hackers is quite surprising since it is a question of freeing a Spanish crook. A Twitter group has claimed their multiple hacks, the problem being that it is not known if they this is a real support group for the scammer or just a simple troll…

Anyway, Drake, Cardi B, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Ariana Grande, Lil Uzi Vert, Jay-Z or Eminem (to name a few), are among the personalities to have been victims of this famous group that claims these hacks and calls itself Los Pelaos.

The process is always the same: after a star’s YouTube account is hacked, a video of a man playing the guitar appears on the victim star’s channel. In the caption, we can read: “Free Paco Sanz“. The group does not stop there. It even has a Twitter account where it multiplies the jokes.

To understand the devotion of this group to Paco Sanz, it is necessary to understand that the affair of Mr. Sanz had caused much ink to flow in Spain. The latter had defrauded several people by claiming to have no less than 2000 tumors. In 2021 he was finally sentenced to two years in prison and a fine to be paid.

The hashtag #FreePacoSanz, is not ready to disappear… The group has also promised on YouTube, “We won’t stop until political prisoner Paco Sanz is released!”

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