Why Was Disney’s Lightyear Movie Banned In 14 Countries?

“Lightyear”, Pixar’s new children’s film and spin-off of the successful Toy Story saga, has been banned in 14 countries in the Middle East and Asia due to a scene that has generated controversy and multiple criticisms on social networks.

The animated film shows a lesbian kiss between two female characters, a scene that Disney, the company that owns Pixar, initially removed, but later put back to the annoyance of its creative staff.

Pixar animators released an open letter saying Disney had demanded cuts, decrying “openly gay affection” and protesting Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s handling of the Florida law called by his critics. “Don’t say gay” (Don’t say gay), which prohibits the indoctrination of children with gender ideology in schools.

Lightyear’s ban occurred in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan and Lebanon, among others.

Chris Evans, who plays the voice of the main character Buzz “Lightyear” criticized those who rejected the lesbian kiss in his new film calling them “idiots”, during an interview with the Reuters agency.

“My kids love the Toy Story movies. But we won’t see Lightyear. I will not watch a children’s movie in my house that attempts to normalize disorderly behavior. That will not happen”, criticized the American pro-life activist Abby Johnson, who is the mother of 8 children, on her social networks.

Giuliana Calambrogio, a Peruvian mother of 8 children and a Master’s in Marriage and Family from the University of Navarra, told ACI Prensa that “above all things, the innocence of children must be protected” and “not put them in situations where they they will have a conflict between what is natural and those situations in which, although they happen, they are not part of the common”.

“A child between 4 and 6 years old is at the age of imaginary thought, believes in unicorns, fairies, Santa Claus, and for this reason, some take advantage of this age to introduce the idea of ​​gender, of homosexuality, and try to normalize it. , something that will also become a pattern that they will see throughout their development due to the influence of culture and movies,” he explained.

According to Calambrogio, a lesbian scene like Lightyear’s “is not anecdotal, because children are going to see their models, their superheroes, in this film.”

“So, it is seen that the superhero endorses the relationship between women of the same sex, that he seeks to equate this affective relationship with the marriage relationship, which is not the same,” he said.

The pro-life leader believes that the message given by the countries that banned the film is “very important, because they sabotage the box office and are preserving the innocence and psycho-affective development of their children.”

“They are societies in which, although there is a faith other than Christianity, they are coherent,” he stressed.

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