Zuria Vega is in mourning, announces unfortunate loss

Zuria Vega He shared with his more than 4 million followers on Instagram an emotional message in which he explains that his heart is broken and his spirits are very low, because one of his loved ones died suddenly.

It’s about his pet, “Perrou”a beautiful gray dog ​​that was with her for several years and to whom she dedicated a few words of farewell: “It hurts, my heart literally hurts. I always knew that your departure was going to be painful but… stubborn, what a great emptiness and pain”, he wrote at the bottom of with a tender series of photographs.

The 33-year-old actress took the opportunity to thank her furry friend for the time she shared with her and her family: “Thank you for making my life, our life, immensely happier. Thank you for being the guardian you were for our family and for your dad. I love you forever my beautiful little boy“.

Also, Vega showed that he was able to fire his pet as he deserved for the care and affection he gave him for so many years: “The only thing that gives me peace is knowing that you left as you deserved. You will always be with us. It was an honor to be your mother for so many years. Fly high ‘Perrou!”

Finally, the protagonist of telenovelas took the opportunity to Thank your colleagues for their understanding and support.: “Infinite thanks to all my filming partners who supported me in these days so screwed up that it was very difficult for me to move forward”he concluded.

Zuria Vega announces unfortunate loss of a loved one

For its part, alberto war, The actress’s husband also dedicated a strong message to the furry man, since he was by his side since he was a puppy: “This is the one that has hurt me the most of all. Thank you for so much, for the best thirteen years of my life, thank you for being an inexhaustible source of affection, for the laughs, the accidents, the walks, the hugs, the licks and For always looking at me with the deepest and most honest love in your eyes.

“We started with a mattress in the middle of an empty apartment and, somehow, Perrou was in charge of leaving me with my life made before he left. How great, damn! I mourn your death and celebrate your life, my love”he wrote on his social networks to say goodbye to his pet.

Zuria Vega is in mourning after losing a loved one

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